piątek, 22 maja 2015

UKW Gothic

Dziś mamy dla was coś. Przepraszamy za niepolski. Z czym to się je.

- Halls on UKW are always empty. Sometimes groups of people appears on a UKW halls. They say they’re student’s but how you’d know it’s true. Sometimes they have books instead of heads. Sometimes they speak in gibberish languages. Like German. Or French. Or Maths. Those aren’t languages that really exists.

- There is a lot of UKW buildings all over city. Sometimes you think all city is UKW campus. There is nothing else. You try not thinking of it. Pigeons stare at you knowingly, when you try to forget. You never been anywhere else than UKW campus.

- Underpass to the institute at Jagiellońska takes miles and miles. It glows and there are no shops anywhere. You remember shops being there. Once you entered one. Man inside asked if you were once to France. He said he remember you being in France. „You also were in Germany. And England, and Maths. Those are beautiful places,” he said. „No,” you answered „I only wanted to buy pen for my notes” you continued wondering what any of those is. He did not knew either. Sometimes you get lost in underpass to the institute at Jagiellońska.

- There is a poem on today’s  professors note of absence. It says „a mayyitan ma qadirun yatabaqa sarmadi / fa itha yaji ash-shuthath al-mautu gad yantahi”. It was there yesterday. And day before yesterday. And week ago. It was there even before building was set in place. There are never any courses.

- Door to deanery are made from dark bleak wood. It watch you when you go for record books of your year. You’re almost sure everybody on your year - except you - is a pigeon. And you’re scared of those doors. When you’re near you hear screams behind it.

- You look at pigeons outside the institute and tremble. You know they know. And you can’t do anything. There are days you dream you’re one of them. But you’re only a student. You always were.

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